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The Career Collective enables employees and their organisations to better navigate today’s world of work and careers.

At The Career Collective we primarily work with organisations to improve the performance, skills and capability of their people at work. We design interventions that we believe enable employees to leverage their strengths and overcome limitations whilst directly contributing to the overall achievement and effectiveness of the organisation. We deliver this in four main ways: Coaching, Training, Transition Management and Profiling/skills identification.

What do we do?

We provide 1:1 and group coaching to address performance issues and develop capability/skills.  We provide training courses to sustain the impact of interventions and assist in the development of a coaching culture within organisations.  We also use tools to profile staff and identify skills to help companies plan for and manage organisational change and transitions.

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Our approach

We use a combination of counselling and coaching skills, combined with the application of organisational psychology theory and business knowledge to design interventions that will increase the performance of people at work. This in turn delivers sustainable benefits for organisations.

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Who we are

The Career Collective is a flexible, commercially focused group of career consultants and coaches. We put your business concerns at the heart of our process to develop cost-effective, practical solutions designed meet your objectives.

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